[GORE] Racejumps is now open!

Hello jumpers!
Finally, it's there... [GORE] finally decided to open a race server. Everyone is welcome to give it a try! Show to everyone who is truly the fastest racer. The server currently has a very good b3 plugin that manages to save your time!

!jmpmaprecord - shows the current top player 
!jmprecord [name] (not required for yourself) - shows your own time

The current map list can be found here.
What's under "voted" are maps that can be only voted, they are not in the cyclelist.
We didn't add them for the simple reason as they are too hard, we wish to have most of the people to enjoy racing, from newbie to expert. Take note that the list is not perfect, we expect people to make more race maps with this server :) so we can increase the map list.

You can join the server with this following IP: /connect goreclan.net:27920

Feel free to give us suggestion on our forum.

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So much fuuun!

GEEK - A binary lifestyle!

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:D I'm enjoying it probably too much, but you never get too much fun :D:D:D:D

Go Habs Go

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I just love it man :D


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Timbeauxmoep2 months 22 hours ago
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Zombiehello?4 days 4 hours ago
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