Tribute to whom tribute is due.  Once again, it is time to honor the oldest and most contributing members of our clan by ennobling them with the position of "Senior Member".
For services rendered (and totally not because we want to offload all the work on someone young and motivated), CarinaTK and Typo will henceforth carry the well deserved red G to help further our standing within the Urban Terror community.
CarinaTK, who joined our community way back in 2010, not only managed to ultimately convince us of how cheap Norwegian energy really is by never shutting down her computer, she has also proven herself to be reliable and skilled in a managing position. She will be in charge of supervising and improving our jump servers.
Typo, with us since 2011, has always been a helping hand in keeping things in shape on the technical end. He will continue to do just that as official Technical Support - besides being naturally awesome, of course.

[GORE] clan ends Urban Terror 4.1 support

Since today 9th January 2014[GORE] clan is not supporting Urban Terror 4.1 anymore. More than one year has passed since Urban Terror 4.release date and it's time to move on: We do believe that 4.2 version now overcomes the old 4.1 in all aspects. Since Frozen Sand shut down the 4.1 master server, Urban Terror 4.2 is gaining players day by day and we intend to support this cause in order to rebuild a community of players playing the very same Urban Terror version.

Our 4.1 public jump servers (namely <<[GORE] EasyJumps 4.1>> and <<[GORE] IcyJumps 4.1>>) have been closed today: For months we are running those servers also on 4.2 and from now one those clones will be our main jump servers. We do not intend to open any more servers under 4.1 so if you happen to find those names in 4.1 know that they are not managed by us...

<<[GORE] IcyJumps>> moves to 4.2

Hello dudes and dudettes! We are proud to announce that also our last 4.1 Jump server moved to 4.2. We will however run the old 4.1 IcyJumps server for some time, so to give all the players the possibility to move onto the new server quietly.

number of slots: 16
save/load/goto: enabled
no damage: enabled
regainstamina: enabled


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