Auth required on PRO, ICY and RACE jump servers

Due to continuos ban evasions and repeated misbehaviours of some players, our PRO, ICY and RACE servers are accessible only to users authed using the UrT 4.2 auth system. However, there is the possibility of playing unauthed (priviledge reserved to well known players who have technical troubles in authenticating). In order to obtain this grant please contact a Senior Member. Since we would like everyone to enjoy the gameplay on our servers and we do not like to random kick people from our servers, I modified a bit our server engine which upon kick will display a user friendly message explaining how to reach administrators for further explanations.
Here is a sample of the message:


One can never have too much of a good thing. And, following this philosophy with religious fervor, we shall have more. More Senior Members, that is.
And so, after rolling the dice, taking a look in the crystal ball and sending an envoy to find, unearth and question the Oracle of Delphi (and, perhaps, by unanimous vote), it has been decided that in this clan, there are none more worthy and able to help shape the future of our community than our fellow members Doctor and The Cape.

Doctor, who joined our community in 2012, has proven himself a true workhorse: Taking on the position of Recruiter as well as serving as Master At Arms of the 2nd Squad, he seems to be the perfect candidate to help us slack more advance this community even further.
The Cape, with us all the way since 2011 (with the exception of an epic quest to become even more awesome), he certainly stole the show as Master At Arms of the 1st Squad, turning a bunch of FPS barbarians into a somewhat organized and successful team.


Tribute to whom tribute is due.  Once again, it is time to honor the oldest and most contributing members of our clan by ennobling them with the position of "Senior Member".
For services rendered (and totally not because we want to offload all the work on someone young and motivated), CarinaTK and Typo will henceforth carry the well deserved red G to help further our standing within the Urban Terror community.
CarinaTK, who joined our community way back in 2010, not only managed to ultimately convince us of how cheap Norwegian energy really is by never shutting down her computer, she has also proven herself to be reliable and skilled in a managing position. She will be in charge of supervising and improving our jump servers.
Typo, with us since 2011, has always been a helping hand in keeping things in shape on the technical end. He will continue to do just that as official Technical Support - besides being naturally awesome, of course.

On a side note, we would also like to announce the position of "Recruiter" going to Kyle, our fellow man from the land of Fish&Chips. So, if any of you plan to apply in the future, better be on good standing with the new guy keeping the door.


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